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Sunday, May 6, 2012

We are moving out!

Unfortunately not onto our beautiful yacht just yet, however we have got an apartment close to Brisbane City and literally opposite the building we work in...YAY!
This could mean extra long sleep ins, followed by walking to work OR it could mean getting up early, going for a run, having brekky and then walking to work....i know i will try option 2, but it may only last a few days!!
This is a very exciting step for us as we have been together about 2 years now and this will be the first time living together and my first time moving out of home!
I think we will learn even more about each other and become even closer than we are now - i guess this will be a semi test for when we go sailing. At least by then we will know what makes each other tick and try to prevent doing this, or not depending how annoying i am feeling!
So back to the apartment. We get the keys on 2nd June, so about 3 weeks from now. Before then i have to pack up 22, nearly 23 years worth of items (as i have never had to do this before, i have lived in the 1 house my entire life!) into boxes, throw out everything i realistically do not need anymore and more than likely replace this with more crap that i do not need!
I think i am spending at least 2 hours each day on ebay looking for household items - oops!
We also went to the auctions at the Gold Coast today to see if there was a lounge setting we could bid on. We ended up with a wish list for 1 lounge setting, 1 outdoor setting and 2 bar stools. Now to convince someone to turn up at the auction on Tuesday and bid for us - any takers?
Anyway i better be off, we are meeting some friends in town for a Japanese dinner, i will be sure to let you all know how the move goes, and maybe dinner for those who are interested!

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