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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Okay so getting back to dinner on Sunday night. We went to a Japanese restaurant called Koh-Ya.
Each table has a built in BBQ so all the food you order comes out raw and you can cook to your liking. The best bit - it's all you can eat for 1.5hours.
Each table has an array of cards with seafood items, red meat, white meat, vegetables, salads and pre made meals so you have endless items to chose from.

The guys were straight into the saki once we arrived which was served in a square container and when the saki was poured they let it overflow - perhaps a Japanese tradition - not sure?

After this the first items ordered by the guys were ox tongue (which is actually quite tasty).

Caroline wasn't keen on trying the ox tongue and Andrew (her husband) served her up some meat advising her it was pork/beef. Obviously it wasn't forcing her to eat the tongue - not happy jan!

Great food and great company = great night!

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