"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans"


 This was a present for my little nieces 1st birthday. I roughed out the pattern on some paper first from an image off google and then made a template. Then I used a flush trim bit to cut out each side. Khaila did the painting and my mum covered the seat for me. My niece loved it and it was a pretty simple project (one of my first). There is enough slope on the bottom that means she can’t tip it over with her body weight. There is also two lengths of dowel. One is a handle and the other is down the bottom for her feet to rest on. If I were to make it again I would have used better quality Ply (I think it was CD). I also would have done some edging work with a router to round things over better.

I needed somewhere to put a small egg shaped fridge in my office with a little storage draw for drinks and things that usually go in it. This was my first attempt at furniture as most of my other projects have been for the workshop. I only used cheap pine from the local home centre. Painting the inside white made a lot of difference and I learnt a lot about finishing (what not to do) in the process.
This was the first time I’d made doors with rails and stiles with a floating panel (next project i’ll try a raised panel) and it worked out very well (for my standards).
I had to end up removing some of the back panel for more ventilation. I was pretty happy with the outcome and it’s great having something useful that I made next to me in my office now :)

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