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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Having a beard, the new not having a beard!

You should consider having sex with a bearded man - were some of the lyrics we heard last night when we went to go and see The Beards live at the Zoo in Brisbane.

They are a comical band out of Australia and are fantastic to go and see for a great night out.

Of course all of their songs are about beards and poor Clinton was feeling a bit out of place after having shaved off his beard because of the scuba diving course (apparently too much facial hair makes your mask leak!)

Nevertheless it was a great night out. If you haven't heard of The Beards you should definitely check them out on youtube:


A few snaps from the night...


  1. The guy's at Tommy's Dive shop showed me that you could have a beard and not have a leaking mask. You only have to shave a narrow strip just under your nose for the mask to seal to.

    Works good.

    Glad to see you are into some good stuff, art, sailing, diving.

    I got my first fixer upper sailboat, about the size of yours. I fixed it up, launched it, pulled the trailer out, and it started sinking real fast LOL! Also, when the trailer came up with the boat off, the bunk board on one side fell off. :-D Run for the truck, ram the trailer back down the ramp, rush the sinking boat onto it, and pull out half full of water just as a huge downpour started. :o

  2. This is stargazer, I left out music in the list of good. Tommy's Dive Shop is in Portland, Maine, USA

  3. HAHA well Clinton asked our scuba instructor how to go about diving without having to shave, his response...silicone!!
    Sounds like your tip may be a bit better ;)