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Monday, March 26, 2012

Dive #2

Another beautiful day for diving. Ahhh It's days like this that you really appreciate life and how fortunate you are.

We arrived at the Marina at 8.30am for another day of diving. Today we also had to sit a couple of exams.

Today we reached a depth of 11.5m which was about double the day before. At this depth you cant see the sky so you feel more at one with the ocean.

We have a fantastic instructor who keeps us feeling very relaxed the whole time. We got to feed the fish again and also see dolphins!! The dolphins didn't seem to mind that there was a group of us scuba diving and they even approached one group within a meter.

We met some lovely American girls who were on a working holiday visa in Australia, so it was pretty interesting to hear their travels so far and compare with some of our stories.

Next Saturday is our last day of the course and we will be completing 2 dives, once we have completed the final 2 dives and sit 3 more exams we will be certified open water divers - how exciting!

Training room - on goes the wetsuit!
The beautiful day we had to go Scuba diving :)

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