"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans"

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just Getting Started

This is really my first time blogging so please go easy on me! I have set this blog up to document my partner, Clinton and my travels around the globe to date, with one day in the not so distant future our sail around the world.
We will document our current projects we have been working on as Clinton is into woodworking and electronics and I am into photography, art and media production.
I will most likely be the one to update the blog but I'm sure Clinton will log on and enlighten you all with his projects from time to time.
We welcome all comments and feedback and hope that you will follow our blog.


  1. Hi Adventure Seekers. I think me and my boyfriend have the same dreams about sail around the world and we are new on this blogsworld. I'd like to follow you but, where is the emails subscribe thing, and blogspot following? well if you could, go to our blog and take a look sailingoceanofdreams.blogspot.com . Fair winds and hugs from Brazil.

  2. Hi cristina. It's so good to see people out there with the same dream, and who knows maybe we will see both you and your partner some day! I am new to this as well!! I think the follow button is the top left along the grey toolbar. I will make sure we follow your post and keep in touch! Best wishes