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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From Dream to Reality

After having enough of being in Brisbane about 2 weeks ago after a pretty crap weekend I decided it's time to get by butt into gear and start making our dream of sailing the world into a reality.

How to do this with a small savings account, and no boat!?

For starters, start telling people your dream. Once people know about your dream they will continually ask how your progress is coming and when you are setting off for your voyage - this will help to inspire. Plus i kind of have a bit of an ego so I would hate to admit defeat to this amazing dream and have it remain as just that, a dream.

Secondly i started emailing multiple television stations/channels to see if they would be interested in turning our journey into a documentary - as this is what i plan to do whilst out on the ocean anyway!

I sent an email to one particular channel on 05/03 and got a reply today, 14/03, they said they appreciate my ideas and that i should send through in more detail the scope and/or a short trailer! This is extremely exciting for me - even the thought that a reply means just that one small step closer to our dream. Only problem - i don't have a trailer as I haven't set off on the voyage yet....hmmmm.... something to ponder about this week i guess!

If anyone reading this has any recommendations for me, please let me know.


  1. Well...People cruise on all different kinds of budgets. There is a good resource for information at http://www.cruisersforum.com/ . Many Cruiser's share their story.

    My advice..save your pennies, by the cheapest, sound boat you can (Like Albin Vega 27). Be prepared to do lots of work yourself on her, and budget your dream out.


  2. Hi Dani,
    Thanks for the advise! I have just signed up to cruiserforum and the information available is fantastic so far.
    I definately take your advise on the cheapest sound boat available, we will probably start looking shortly so fingers crossed.
    Thanks again!

  3. I believe you gonna realize this dream very quickly, or maybe later, but I feel it. Making lists, plans, and searching for info, like in cruiser forum are good ways. And another advice, look for sailor friends, talk to them, go spend a weekend sailing, and about the trailer, you will automaticaly find some idea. Fair winds (and thanks for been our Ocean of Dream's friend) , Cristina.

  4. Thanks for your words again Cristina. If you and your partner come to Australia anytime soon be sure to come and say hi :)